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About Network or Die

About Network or Die is a community of independent creative professionals founded by Dön Harrisön aka IndieBizCoach. We share career guidance, information, and resources geared toward:

  • artists & songwriters;
  • independent filmmakers & screenwriters;
  • self-published authors & poets;
  • web designers & developers;
  • photographers, graphic artists & other creative professionals

Our mission is to learn, share, and cultivate relationships within the independent creative professional community.

We are all a collection of our experiences. By learning from one another we are able to help each other succeed both creatively and professionally.

Helping others is just the right thing to do. Plus, nothing deepens knowledge as effectively as sharing. We are all teachers. Go pay it forward.

Cultivate relationships:
Building & maintaining relationships is vital to success. Meaningful, on-going engagement not only opens doors and strengthens networks but betters the community as a whole.

About Dön Harrisön

IndieBizCoach Dön Harrisön

Long time musician Dön Harrisön moved behind the scenes several years ago to concentrate on the business side of music. His network has since expanded to include the film industry, self-publishing, and freelancing. He is an accomplished web designer, content manager, and all around web business troubleshooter.

Dön is the author of:

He is also:

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