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BidSlate Online Distribution Platform for Indie Filmmakers


Sell or Buy Films Worldwide via BidSlate

BidSlate is a user-friendly online marketplace, which allows Content-Distributors (Buyers) to purchase territorial distribution rights directly from Filmmakers (Sellers), simplifying content rights negotiations and transactions. I first discovered BidSlate when No Film School interviewed the platform’s founder Roland Rojas.

Here’s an excerpt from that interview of Rojas answering the question – “What is BidSlate?”

Roland Rojas: BidSlate is a B2B online marketplace for film sales. What we do is allow the buyer and the seller to directly negotiate and transact on our platform. We provide the technology for a seller to onboard his title and select what territories or rights he wants to sell. If he’s represented in a certain part of the world but isn’t in other parts, he can sell those other parts à la carte on our platform, and it doesn’t impact his current deals or what he’s already sold. If he has any holdbacks, he can put all that in the on-boarding process. A filmmaker on-boards his full feature, any poster art, any movie stills, all the metadata, what territories he’s selling, what rights he’s selling. If he wants to sell all of Italy for all rights, he can, but if he wants to sell VOD rights in Italy and retain all the other rights in Italy, he can do that, too. It’s truly an à la carte menu of rights and territories that filmmakers can sell.

Midnight Swim on BidSlate movie still

‘Midnight Swim’ available on BidSlate – Credit: Sarah Adina Smith

Once the publish button is hit on our platform, it’s available for all verified buyers to see. We encrypt and watermark all intellectual property for its own protection. Only verified buyers and the author of the film can stream the title. No other filmmakers on our platform can see what other filmmakers have. We verify buyers, and once we do they have full access to our library, they can stream the trailers or the entire movie—although I don’t know any buyers that watch a movie from beginning to end. They see what territories are available for sale. We have a fairly robust search engine where they can search by genre, territory available, right available, year made, [and] length. You name it—they can search it. Our search engine filters [according] to the buyer’s specific purchasing needs.

Then, the buyer can contact the seller if he has a particular question. We have an internal messaging system that allows for the buyer to contact the seller, not the other way around. Once he decides he wants to purchase a film, the buyer puts in the criteria, length of the license, what he’s buying for what territory, for what right, any deliverable assets that he needs, any legal terms he wants to add to the contract. Once all that is finished, he signs it electronically. We then generate a distribution agreement on the platform that is IFTA standard, but also that is dynamically significant to that particular transaction. We put all the information from that transaction into the agreement. Then it’s sent off to the seller.

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Filmmakers, if you have unsold film rights you’d like to sell to global distributors, sign-up at and get started on the path of realizing the value of your hard work. Learn more by visiting BidSlate’s FAQ Page and be sure to follow BidSlate on Facebook & Twitter.

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