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Music Business Career Plan of Action

3 Step Music Career Plan

Professor Pooch’s 3-Step, Music Business Career Plan of Action

A Must BEFORE Signing with Anyone, Or Releasing Any Product…

“Everything You Need To Do, to be Prepared For Anything You Want To Do, In the Music Business”
© 2016 David J. Spangenberg

Whether you want to go with a Major, or “Do It Yourself”, or anywhere in between, it pays to be prepared for anything, so that no matter which direction you choose to go, you will retain more creative, legal and financial control of your career, no matter what style of music, or whether you are an Artist/Band, Producer, Manager, or if you’re 18 or 55″

Now, if you follow these steps, and put a good deal of directed effort into it, you will receive a reward: You will then attract the people and Companies you want to attract, and deal with them more on Your terms – and only if you really want to or need to”

Overall, in effect, you are starting a “Small Business”.

Yeah, I know a lot of musicians are wary of such animals, but get over it, and get it over and done with – believe me, you’ll be glad you did…

You want an incentive? It is a fact, nowadays, whether you wish to attract an Investor, or a Label, or a successful Manager, or any legitimate and successful entity, you must show them that you are an up-and-running professional business.

Simply put, if you, as an Artist want to sign with a Major or one of their “Subsidiaries”, you must understand that the Companies will most likely sign Artists that they believe know what they are doing. Meaning, those Artists who have their biz/legal together, including drawing a large amount of fans to their concerts, creating, at least, a large buzz regionally, and selling at least 25-50,000 downloads and/or CDs on their own, with a great amount of YouTube views.

Then again, maybe you just want to DIY (do it yourself), and keep a good amount of control of your project. You can DIY with a good deal of persistence, work, and at least a good, basic knowledge of the Music Biz and the Internet. And actually, you may eventually profit money-wise and otherwise way more than if you were with a Major!

Or, maybe you want to aim somewhere in-between, say, going with an already established Indie Label, at least in the beginning.

But, before you even decide to move ahead with any route through the Music Business, you should take care of your Own Creative, Business, and Legal situation. This includes those of you interested in dealing with the Major Labels, doing it yourself, or anywhere in-between. That is, if you wish to succeed AND make money AND be protected!

Overall, in short…

1. You are going to Own Everything: the Songs, the Recordings – the works – unless and until You want to make a deal with some person or Company – but more on Your Terms…

2. You will be able to keep a good deal of creative, as well as Business and legal power.

3. You can make and keep a much greater percentage of the financial rewards…

But 2 things you must keep in mind…

1. It’s going to take some real effort, and

2. It’s going to cost you a few dollars to set up properly.

But, think of the alternative – working for someone else, doing what you don’t want to do – with them owning You!

Learn the 3-Steps by accessing the complete article (along w/audio PoochCast™) at Professor Pooch’s 3-Step, Music Business Career Plan of Action

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